2023 - Based on Rothko

Oil on Canvas


Title: “2023. Based on Rothko” 


In my latest work, “2023. Based on Rothko,” I explore the intersection of color theory, cultural heritage, and timeless symbolism. Drawing inspiration from the iconic artist Mark Rothko, I have infused this piece with a contemporary resonance that speaks to the essence of the year 2023.

The canvas is a symphony of three distinct colors, each carefully chosen to evoke a mood that transcends the boundaries of time. The hues blend and merge, creating a dynamic visual experience that pays homage to Rothko’s mastery of color expression. Yet, this painting goes beyond mere homage; it is a conversation with Rothko’s legacy, a dialogue across the artistic timeline.

What sets “2023” apart is the infusion of Ukrainian folklore that dances atop the canvas. Intricately woven into the layers of color, Ukrainian folklore breathes life into the work, adding a narrative that resonates with the cultural richness of my heritage. At the forefront of this narrative are oak leaves, a powerful symbol deeply rooted in Ukrainian tradition.

The oak leaves, with their sinuous forms and earthy tones, symbolize strength, perseverance, endurance, and fortitude. These qualities are not only inherent in the leaves themselves but also echo the spirit of a people who have weathered the storms of history with resilience. The leaves are a testament to the enduring strength of the Ukrainian identity, providing a visual anchor that grounds the piece in a cultural context.

“2023. Based on Rothko” is more than a painting; it is a visual exploration of the dialogue between tradition and contemporary expression. It invites viewers to reflect on the timeless qualities that connect us across generations and cultures while acknowledging the strength embedded in our roots. Through this work, I aim to create a bridge between the past and the present, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Ukrainian folklore woven into the vibrant hues of Rothko-inspired abstraction.

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2023 Based on Rothko

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