Oil on Canvas


Title: “Angel” 


“Angel” is a powerful and symbolic painting that pays tribute to the unwavering support and solidarity from nations across the world in Ukraine’s quest for freedom. The artwork portrays a celestial angel amidst a tumultuous storm, representing hope, protection, and assistance in the face of adversity.

The color palette is a fusion of greens and blues, artfully blended to evoke the storm currently being faced. The greens symbolize growth, resilience, and the ongoing struggle for freedom, while the blues signify peace, unity, and the global support that stands as a beacon of hope for Ukraine.

In the foreground of the composition, the angel emerges, a divine and ethereal figure presenting in a protective stance. The angel represents the collective efforts of countries that have stood by Ukraine during challenging times, acting as guardians of freedom and offering solace amidst the storm that engulfs the nation.

The storm depicted in the background is a symbol of the trials and tribulations faced by the Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom. It serves as a reminder of the hardships and the courage needed to overcome adversity. Yet, amidst this storm, the angel stands strong, emanating a sense of comfort and assurance, representing the collective support that Ukraine receives from the global community.

“Angel” is a testament to the unity and collaboration of nations, highlighting the significance of international support in Ukraine’s pursuit of freedom. The angel’s presence signifies the unwavering solidarity that strengthens the resolve of the Ukrainian people, giving them the hope and courage to weather the storm and emerge victorious.


How it was painted

Angel - Miro Art Energy

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