The Artist

Iryna miro



Iryna Miro is a Ukrainian artist, who is able to combine painting with mysticism. 

Born in 1971 in the old hetman’s capital, town of Glukhiv, and until recently lived in Kyiv with her daughter.



Studied at NAKKKIM – National Academy Culture and Science. From the childhood, Iryna was fascinated by mysticism but couldn’t pursue her interest. However later in her life and due to circumstances she never imagined Iryna was able to achieve her childhood dream and study numerology and astrology, elements of which are incorporated throughout her paintings, sacred codes are hidden within. At times when looking at the painting it’s difficult to tell why it’s impossible to take your eyes off it.

Iryna believes the magic of painting is to convey to the eye the possibility of achieving anything through the power of mind and positive thinking. The artist’s life goal is to help people to heal through painting, to change lives to and achieve the greater spiritual light.

“Our intellect is boundless…!” – Iryna belleves.

Iryna Miro is a member of the Artists Union of France (ALAF); participated in numerous exhibitions and auctions in the Ukraine and abroad.

From Ukraine to Dorset, UK

Due to the ongoing Russian aggression in Ukraine Iryna has lost everything – her home, her studio and her collection. Not being able to go back home Iryna arrived in the United Kingdom with nothing but the clothes she was wearing. Despite this and perhaps in spite o it, Iryna was able to transfer her feelings onto canvass, and continued painting.

Significant parts of her work are in private collections in Germany, England, Sweden, France, Denmark and Others.

Upcoming Exhibitions

National Art Gallery, Dublin

October - November 2020

John Malkovic Gallery, Berlin

January - March 2020


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