Dragon Mandela

Oil on Canvas


Title: Dragon Mandela


In “Dragon Mandela,” I delve into the intricate realms of tantric yoga from Buddhism and Hinduism, where the mandala serves as a profound symbol of the cosmos and the interconnectedness of all things.

This symmetrical design invites viewers into a meditative journey, encouraging contemplation on the expansive nature of the universe.

The canvas comes alive with vibrant and contrasting purples, creating a visual tapestry that reflects the richness of the mind’s eye during meditation. The colors dance in harmony, inviting the observer to explore the depths of their consciousness through the mesmerizing patterns that unfold.

At the heart of this mandala lies a majestic dragon, poised at the base with a captivating presence. The dragon, a symbol of purity and transformation, weaves seamlessly into the mandala’s structure, embodying the powerful forces at play within the cosmos. Its form exudes strength and grace, capturing the essence of a creature both mythical and symbolic.

As one gazes upon “Dragon Mandela,” the convergence of the ancient symbolism of the mandala and the potent energy of the dragon unfolds a narrative of spiritual exploration and transformation. The dragon, with its mythical aura, becomes a guide through the meditative journey, inspiring thoughts of purity, change, and the interconnected dance of existence. The painting invites you to explore the harmonious balance between the intricate patterns of the mandala and the symbolic presence of the dragon—a visual ode to the beauty and depth of the spiritual experience.

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