Fog from Ukraine

Oil on Canvas


This painting is titled the “Fog from Ukraine”.


“Fog from Ukraine” is a powerful artistic representation that poignantly portrays the current turbulent times in Ukraine, shrouded in the metaphorical fog of war. The painting encapsulates the collective yearning for a brighter, liberated future, symbolizing the eventual clearing of this fog to unveil the inherent beauty of Ukraine.

The color palette chosen for this artwork revolves around the national colors of Ukraine—yellow and blue. These colors are intertwined to create a delicate yet haunting fog, representing the obscured reality that the people of Ukraine face during these challenging times. The blues and yellows intermingle, evoking a sense of uncertainty and concealing the true essence of the nation.

Amidst the fog, subtle glimpses of a resilient and undeterred spirit emerge, portrayed through faint outlines and subtle hints of brighter hues within the fog. These elements represent the enduring hope and unwavering determination of the Ukrainian people, who hold on to the belief that the fog will dissipate, revealing the natural beauty and strength of their land.

As the fog lifts, fragments of a vibrant landscape begin to emerge, symbolizing the dawning of a new era of freedom, prosperity, and peace. The gradual transition from muted blues and yellows to vibrant shades echoes the gradual transformation of the nation, showcasing resilience, unity, and the triumph of the human spirit.

When the fog finally clears Ukraine will be free again.


How it was painted

Fog From Ukraine
Fog FROM Ukraine

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