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Pot of Mystery

Pot of Mystery Oil on Canvas About send an inquiry Title: “Pot of Mystery”  Description:”Pot of Mystery” is a captivating painting that captures the essence of life’s unpredictability and the sense of adventure that comes with embracing uncertainty. At the heart of the composition is a large, earthen clay pot, embodying the metaphor of life …

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Angel - Miro Art Energy


Angel Oil on Canvas About send an inquiry Title: “Angel”  Description: “Angel” is a powerful and symbolic painting that pays tribute to the unwavering support and solidarity from nations across the world in Ukraine’s quest for freedom. The artwork portrays a celestial angel amidst a tumultuous storm, representing hope, protection, and assistance in the face …

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Fog From Ukraine

Fog from Ukraine

Fog from Ukraine Oil on Canvas About This painting is titled the “Fog from Ukraine”. Description: “Fog from Ukraine” is a powerful artistic representation that poignantly portrays the current turbulent times in Ukraine, shrouded in the metaphorical fog of war. The painting encapsulates the collective yearning for a brighter, liberated future, symbolizing the eventual clearing …

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