End of Summer

Oil on Canvas


Title: “End of Summer” (Pair of Paintings)


In my latest creation, “End of Summer,” I sought to capture the essence of fortune and positivity through a fusion of art and ancient symbolism. This unique piece combines the power of art with the mystique of runes, resulting in a captivating work that promises to enhance not only your living space but also your personal energy.

Using the traditional medium of oil paints, I meticulously applied layers of vibrant colors, allowing them to blend and dance across the canvas, creating a visually striking composition. But this painting holds a secret beneath its surface.

I carefully inscribed a powerful rune for good luck beneath the layers of oil with a charcoal pencil. This rune, charged with ancient mysticism and symbolism, radiates positive energy and blessings. As you gaze upon the artwork, this hidden symbol subtly influences the energy within the room, infusing it with the vibes of good fortune and positivity.

“Rune of Good Luck” is not just a painting; it’s a conduit for transformation. Hang it proudly on your wall, and watch as it not only fills your living space with its captivating aesthetics but also bathes your surroundings and your personal biofield with the appropriate energy of good luck.

Allow “Rune of Good Luck” to be a source of inspiration, a conversation starter, and a constant reminder that positivity and good fortune are always within reach. Let this artwork be a testament to the power of art and symbolism to elevate the human experience and bring a touch of magic to your everyday life.

How it was painted

End of Summer Iryna Myro

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