Three wishes

Oil on Canvas


Title: “Three wishes” 


“Three Wishes” Peace, Liberty, and Justice” is a poignant painting that embodies the hopes and aspirations for Ukraine, family, and friends, encapsulating the desires for peace, liberty, and justice. The contrasting palette of reds and dark tones amplifies the intensity and importance of these wishes.

The dominant reds within the composition symbolize the fervent passion and resilience of the Ukrainian people, encapsulating the collective wish for peace. Red represents the strength and determination to persevere through challenging times, paving the way for a peaceful and harmonious future.

Contrastingly, the dark tones present a somber backdrop, signifying the trials and tribulations faced on the journey towards liberty. The darkness emphasizes the challenges encountered in the pursuit of freedom, highlighting the need for unwavering determination and resilience.

The composition subtly integrates symbols representing liberty, such as the imagery of an open door or a soaring bird, embodying the desire for freedom and independence. These symbols serve as a reminder that the pursuit of liberty requires courage and perseverance, and it is a wish that is deeply ingrained in the hearts of Ukrainians.

Amidst the contrasting elements, a sense of justice prevails—a yearning for a fair and equitable society. This wish is depicted through subtle imagery like balanced scales or a torch, symbolizing the desire for fairness, equality, and a society governed by the rule of law.

“Three Wishes”: Peace, Liberty, and Justice” serves as a poignant expression of the hopes and dreams of a nation and its people. It portrays the resilience and determination of Ukraine, embodying the fervent desire for a peaceful, free, and just society. Through the interplay of colors and symbols, the painting invites contemplation and reflection on the values that form the bedrock of a prosperous and harmonious future.

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